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Whether you attend a banquet, head out for an exercise or hang out with friends, you probably have certain styles of outfits that you prefer.

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Stress is an issue that concerns pretty much all of us and the question is how we can deal with it.

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Exhibition at Home

We have to stay at home more than ever. We have to work from home and many of our activities are going online as well such as clothes and groceries shopping, watching your favourite movies and more. 

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Please Procrastinate

Do whatever pleases you because it is important to have fun in your life. 

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Business Ethics

Business ethics is a set of principles that guides a huge range of commercial companies, so they can compete fairly and legally in the market.


Path to University

Summer is meant to be a relaxing moment for secondary school’s graduates.


University - Online and Offline

Thanks to technology and the internet, a lot of us can study from home now.


Unlimited Source of Inspiration?

As artists and designers, we turn ideas and concepts into reality when we create.

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Working Overtime

As experienced professionals in the creative industry, we are aware of the demand increases as the society progresses. Fierce competition stresses us out. 

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Investing in Art 

The global economy is not performing well in these difficult times. Some people are trying to find other ways to invest and trading artwork is one of the options.

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Art in Games

Most of us play video games in our spare time to relax. What makes you decide to buy a game? Because of the thrilling experience or the mesmerising graphics?


Born to be Creative?

When you see a painting, sculpture or a building; you might wonder where these artists and designers get their inspirations from. 

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Is Photography an Art?

Nowadays we can use our smartphones to take photos and selfies daily. Technology offers us a lot of benefits and conveniences, however, have you ever thought about how it began?

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Art - Traditional vs. Commercial

We may doodle when we get bored during a lesson or we may draw just because we want to. Have you ever wondered why we do that?


Art Therapy

Living in a fast-paced city like Hong Kong, we encounter stress every day. Regardless of our backgrounds, we feel pressure from our surroundings.


How Technology Changes Art

Traditionally, the Arts record our history and cultural changes and have played a critical role in passing knowledge onto the next generations.


Art and The Environment

We are producing various forms of wastes and pollutants in our daily activities, including air, water, soil, light, noise and more.


Art & Design vs. Academic Subjects

As discussed in a previous article, that Art needs more support from Hong Kong’s education system and society.


Work or Study

A tertiary qualification is very common nowadays and it almost becomes a necessity for job seeking purposes.


Attitude vs. Personality

Attitude and personality are related but different. Personality is a range of characteristics which defines an individual and it can be shaped through time.


How to Choose a Suitable Subject

An extensive range of art & design courses are offered by various institutes across the world.


Specialised Art & Design Institutes

Most students would look for universities’ information online with parents before applying. 

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Studying Art & Design in Hong Kong vs. Overseas

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Plagiarism and Its Impacts

Plagiarism exists in both physical and mental forms.  

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