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Please Procrastinate

Please Procrastinate

Article : Ian Tsang          Edited : Konrede Limited           Date : Sep 2020

Do whatever pleases you because it is important to have fun in your life. We have a limited amount of time, why not live in the moment, make your life easier, and try to be happier? Whether you are a student or working professional you probably have thought, why bother studying or working so hard? In a fast-paced society with overwhelming information, reality imposes on us a great deal of pressure, we should just forget what we are supposed to do, enjoy ourselves and make room to breathe, to do everything at the last minute.

We can imagine university students attending lectures after lectures that are boring, or doing assignments which you are sick and tired of. You wish you can run straight to your room and start gaming or go clubbing with your friends. It is okay if you get completely drunk, let’s party! You might start giving up listening to your parents because conversations become redundant.  Why do the assignments now? Leave them till a day before the deadlines, we have more time than needed. Why bother to revise for exams every day? Just study a night or two before, procrastination works pretty well for us anyway. We don’t have to be the best, just don’t want to be the last.

After we graduate, bosses and clients may keep requesting for more at the workplace. Stress is overwhelming. When we receive a new project, we think there is ample time and it is alright to start working later, so we can feel relieved. We have no other reasons to work besides for ourselves, families, to sustain a living or to fulfil dreams. Though we can’t change the environment we live in, we can choose to ignore these problems. Why work so hard and bear these troubles? Just take it easy and relax. Enjoy while you can, let tomorrow take care of itself. There are so many things to fulfil in life, must I take all of them to heart? Do less and keep ourselves happier, drift along and earn our salaries steadily.

Keep procrastinating, leave all your assignments and tasks till the last minute. Because maybe then you will realise the consequences of procrastination and learn how not to procrastinate. One must go through it to have a say in it. Happy procrastination!

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