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Director's Message


" This is not a message,
but a letter to you all. "

It took me years to figure out what I want to convey and now, I’ve finally found my words. Starting Konrede was simple. The goal was to help the ones who needed support. Having known that many of my friends were unable to achieve their dreams inspired me. It was never my intention to become a famous artist or designer, so why shouldn’t I share my knowledge and experience with the ones who are ambitious and willing to chase their artistic dreams? 


After years of supporting Konrede’s clients who are from all ages and levels, I came to realise that it is not merely about which university they were accepted into, nor how successful their design businesses became. It is the small yet significant changes and growth that they have gained after being with us. The moment when a client tells me that her father teared after seeing her sketchbooks; a client sending me a drawing that she had dedicated to us; tears of joy and hardship from many youngsters that I had witnessed; staying up till 4 a.m. with them to reach deadlines; or simply these amazing people telling us that they miss us and that we are friends to them. These things are what makes my job so precious. 


My friends gave me the courage to start this studio, but the new earned friendships inspired me to continue Konrede. We grow everyday as instructors because of your growth. Dreams and successes can become a reality when we all support each other. Thus, if you are questioning yourself now, please know that it is possible.

Yours sincerely,

Stephanie Ng

Director of Konrede Ltd.

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