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Why Us?

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1. Top Worldwide Success Rates

Our clients received conditional / unconditional offers and scholarships from their top choice institutions around the world.

3. Getting You A Step Ahead

You’ll have the advantage of gaining invaluable industry insights from our diverse team who have years of industry experience and knowledge to share.

2. Portfolio Specialists

We are the 1st to create the portfolio building course structure in HK for worldwide university applications. Our instructors are experts in their chosen art & design field and are graduates of world’s top-ranking institutions.

4. Boost Academic & Career Opportunities

We guarantee that your opportunities for top choice University or Job Applications are increased so you can be closer to your dream art & design career.

5. Nurturing Individual Creativity

Our one-on-one course is personalised and tailored to nurture every individual’s creative talents. Every course is unique as we meet you at your level and your requirements. ​

6. Spacious and Clean Art Studio

Our spacious and clean studio is fully equipped with art supplies, painting easels, industrial sewing machines and materials so you can create your work at ease.

7. Unbiased and Impartial

We only suggest the best universities and courses that fit your needs. We will work with you to meet any of your chosen institutions’ requirements.

Konrede Course Structure




Free Portfolio review by our professional instructors to assess your work and determine your ultimate goal. Receive direct and useful feedback to clear the path towards your creative vision.


Concept Development

​& Analytical Thinking

Training your problem-solving abilities and increasing your knowledge in the art & design field that you are aiming for. Come up with effective concepts to create unique work that stands out.


Level & Goal


Analysing your strengths and weaknesses and coming up with the best solutions to get you the next level. Close mentorship and expert guidance to get you a step ahead in achieving your creative goals.


Personal Style &

​Portfolio Building

Nurturing your individuality and cultivating your personal style through creating the best work that only you can produce and put into your portfolio. All the work will be created by you.




Customised and tailored course syllabus to meet your needs and requirements. One-on-one attention to build up your skills, creativity and critique presentation training.


Layout Creation

Design professional layouts that suit your work and effectively present them. Produce a professional portfolio that meets industry standards worldwide.

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