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What is Portfolio?


If you want to study or work in Art & Design related fields, an art portfolio will be very important to you. Some people may think it is easy and fast to prepare but that is not necessarily true.

A portfolio is a compilation of your art and design works that you have accumulated through months, even years of preparation. It should showcase your best work, be original and show your creative thought process. Your portfolio is essentially your visual resume and it defines your personality, showcasing your skills and abilities. It represents who you are as an artist or designer. It plays a pivotal role when you apply to university and seek for a job, so it is essential for you to make a good impression at first sight. 

University requirements may be very specific and they can change yearly. A good portfolio will increase your odds to receive an unconditional offer from a university’s admission. Some universities explicitly advise you to give ample time to prepare it so you should never leave it to the last minute.

You should also be aware that your portfolio highly determines your percentages of sealing a job opportunity when pursuing an art & design career. Employers are often keen to see your portfolio before interviewing you.

A good portfolio is the key to successful acceptance. A portfolio takes a lot of time, hard work and dedication so get help as soon as you can. Don’t leave it to chance! 

As experienced specialists in portfolio development, Konrede is here to guide you.


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