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Clients' & Parents' Testimonials

We have received dozens of testimonials from our clients and their parents. Here is a glimpse of them, sharing their experiences with you.

All recommendations are real life testimonials given by our clients and their parents.

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B.A. Graduated Student (2021)
1 Unconditional + 2 Conditional Offers

"Hi, I am Dennis! During the one-year course, Konrede inspired me to explore a lot of new aesthetics and ideas in the art and design field. They provide a nice environment and excellent platform to explore something that was unexpected in my previous study in fashion design. I also became an open-minded and mature fashion designer, able to deal with new ways of exploring ideas through concept research and experimentation. They are passionate about art and design and to help their clients. Through the entire process, I’ve learnt a lot from their professional perspective and was truly able to expand my creativity. I feel honoured to be one of their students during this year."

Mr. & Mrs. P
IBDP Student Parent (2020)

"Our story (short version, for those in a hurry): Konrede have been simply absolutely brilliant. In her 6 short months with them, our daughter has learned so much about herself and has not only created a wonderful portfolio of her work, but - as a result - has been offered places at all the art schools to which she applied. She has also performed wonderfully well in her Visual Arts IB program. A huge thank you to the whole team - Steph, Cat, Romeo and Ian - from two very grateful parents who feel very lucky to have found Konrede (just) in time."

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Freelance Illustrator (2019
Entrepreneur : Child of Paradise

"Within a single month of working with Konrede I was able to reach a new level of clarity in not only my creative work, but also my professional goals. The work I’ve created with their help feels more true to my vision as an artist, and of a much higher standard. On top of that they were also incredibly understanding and flexible with personal emergencies I had that affected our schedule. I’m super happy with the outcome, and I can only imagine what we’d accomplish with more time."

IBDP Student (2022)
6 Conditional Offers + 1 Scholarship

"My moments with Konrede have been surprisingly meaningful. As a student who wishes to pursue an artistic career, I'd say Konrede has made this wish possible for me; the fairy godparents that guided me to reach my ultimate goal. If you're looking through the testimonials, you should stop and sign up for Konrede. They will push you to ensure your artistic future is met. For Steph: I'll make sure to mail you my findings wherever I'll be in the future. At Konrede, you'd show me your findings and knowledge, I hope I'll be able to do the same thing back to you! Thank you for everything; thank you for busting my lazy ***."

Gap Year Student (2021)
3 Conditional Offers + 1 Scholarship

"For the past 10 months I have spent working on my art universities’ applications, I have never been more satisfied than I was before. With Konrede, I had a massive boost in building a strong well-crafted portfolio. Not only this, but also the fact that they have created such a comfortable environment that I can freely explore and challenge myself to what it means to make a portfolio, as well as to grow as an artist. I strongly feel that previously I took things too lightly regarding the portfolio requirements and all the supplemental materials needed by some universities, but now I am ready to learn and take the risk to become a better artist. Thank you very much to Steph, Romeo, Cat and Ian who have nurtured me throughout my time in Konrede and I wish for the studio a very successful future ahead!"

IBDP Student (2021)
8 Conditional Offers + 2 Scholarships

"My course at Konrede was by no means an easy one, but after experiencing the full course I can say with confidence that it was a worthwhile journey. Over the past year, I was constantly being pushed out of my comfort zone to try out new ideas, materials, and art styles. Each project challenged me in a different way, enabling the final portfolio to be as diverse as it can be. Konrede also taught me many skills that would be needed in the art field which are not taught in school, and provided me all the support I needed to complete my final submitting portfolio. One of the things I’m most thankful for Konrede was the mental support, enabling me to push through the hardest times and finally succeed as the offers begin to roll in. I am forever thankful for everything Konrede has done for me, and would highly recommend it to anyone who is seeking for help on their upcoming art portfolio!"

DSE Student (2022)
3 Conditional Offers + 1 Scholarship

"Since the very first project, the instructors shared their experiences and offered me a new vision. They guided me to understand the diversity of the world, making me not to feel content with my current state and to explore more possibilities. Other practical skills, the most important thing I learnt was to look for inspirations and to express my thoughts, so I could be continuously creative with my work. The instructors encouraged me to breakthrough, giving me opportunities to finish tasks that seemed to be impossible. I am grateful for my growth during my time at Konrede, where I gradually explored out of my comfort zone. From this valuable experience, I learnt to be responsible to myself and to the others, managed my emotions and time more effectively. They are patient and sincere to their students, being attentive to their personal well-beings. Not only they want us to become brilliant artists, but they also want us to become better selves. I feel very fortunate to have such responsible and passionate instructors."

 Gap Year Student Parent (2020)

"When I first met Konrede, I could feel the team’s passion and sincerity in teaching their students. Thank you for being diligent while enlightening my daughter, for nurturing her artistic abilities, and improving her attitude towards her work. The Konrede team patiently guided her to explore and to learn new things with a positive mindset. Just like other parents, I’m delighted whenever I see my children devote themselves to learn and to push themselves more than ever before in pursuing their subject and goals. I am truly grateful to Konrede for making such a positive impact on my daughter. As children grow up they have to overcome a lot of hurdles, if there are great teachers by their side they will make better decisions and will be able to survive these difficult times. Even one piece of advice may benefit them in their lives. I thank Konrede for helping my daughter become more mature as she grows up."

A.P. Student (2020)
3 Unconditional Offers + 2 Scholarships

"Konrede is like a second family to me, I have always wanted to think more creatively when making new art, and they have gifted me an irreplaceable experience and taught me so much about art, from different techniques to mediums, I have been greatly inspired to create more and more art to express my own story. Being a high school student in my last year, I was very nervous to graduate and go to design school and didn’t feel as confident with my creations. Konrede has helped build up my art making skills and helped me think from a deeper perspective, now I feel more ready than ever. Learning beside other students in Konrede, I can see that each student has their own tailored course and this to me is why Konrede is so special! I can see how I develop my ideas for artworks more confidently and clearly and I have to thank Steph, Romeo, Cat, and Ian for that because without them guiding me I wouldn’t be confident in starting my new chapter in life - university!"

Mrs. LIN
AP Student Parent (2022)

"I found Konrede on Instagram for my elder daughter. I was impressed by the artworks which were telling interesting stories. I love the way they inspire students and how they coach them to tackle projects. They motivate teenagers to create things. My elder daughter was, and my younger daughter still is so motivated and they work their hardest ever there.

The vibe is cheerful, caring, yet with very high standard; the atmosphere is infectious and effective.

Their genuine care for student is beyond this commercial market, I´ve had experiences with other famous art based studios, but none can compare to Konrede’s team headed by Steph. I believe Konrede can transform student’s learning attitude in a very positive way."

A-Level Student (2022)
6 Conditional + 1 Unconditional Offers
& 1 Scholarship

"I am forever grateful for the help and support I received from Konrede over the past months. In Konrede, you can find an inspiring and pleasant environment for you to create art. Through the course, I was able to learn not only technical aspects of creating art but also the whole process of developing a design from beginning to end. After reviewing my work, I am amazed by how far my artwork and techniques have evolved in this period of time. With Konrede's specially tailored one-to-one courses, I improved my weaknesses and developed my strengths, enabling me to apply to Architecture with confidence. It would not have been possible for me to create my portfolio without their help. Throughout my university application process, I was guided by the entire team and I am extremely thankful for their patience and professionalism. For students interested in pursuing design, I absolutely recommend Konrede!"

BTEC Student (2020)
2 Conditional Offers

"Konrede has provided professional advice on my portfolio and has encouraged me to take different challenges. They are willing to teach me things that I have never tried before, I have become a more confident person under their encouragement. I am very grateful for their hard work on the teaching and I think that Steph has totally changed my perspectives to see this world. Everytime they gave me clear guidance before I went home so that I could do my work without wasting any time. They definitely deserve more credits because they do not only care about the quality of our work, they also care about our mentality and everything in general. I couldn’t have asked for better mentors because they have very professional working ethics and attitudes. My mum and I both agreed that Konrede is more than just helping with students’ portfolios, they also gave me many many advice on my school work and personal struggles. Konrede has well-rounded facilities, I really like their environment because it is quite spacious. I really recommend this place because I really learned a lot from there. They may look young for coaching to the parents but I am sure that their experiences are more than many other places. This place has been my safe place for over half a year now and I will miss Konrede so much. If I could rate, it would totally be 100/100 because they really deserve it."

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