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Mr. & Mrs. P's Testimonial

Our story (longer version, if you have a little more time!): When we signed our daughter up to a 6-month course with Konrede in late 2019 she was a final grade student at an international school here in Hong Kong. She knew she wanted to attend Art School after High School (at that time, either in Canada or the UK) but it was very clear that, whilst the Visual Arts program our daughter was undertaking at Higher Level as a part of her IB program was good, and the teaching sufficient to handle the requirements of the IB, it simply wouldn’t be enough for her applications to Art School - in particular, for the preparation of the portfolio, which is an absolutely critical piece in those applications.

We had learned about Konrede from an educational consultant in Hong Kong, with whom we were discussing options for higher education for our daughter in the UK and Canada. So, on his recommendation, in October 2019 we trundled over to Sheung Wan and met up with Stephanie and Cat at their studio there. As they meticulously took us through their services, it became very clear that they very much understood what would be needed, and that they were extremely thorough and professional in their approach. We left the meeting confident that Steph and the team would be able to help our daughter achieve the best level she could in terms of her portfolio, and maximise her prospects for successful applications to college. So, we signed up.

We cannot express how happy we are that we took that decision. Steph and the team (Romeo, Cat and Ian), challenged our daughter at every turn, cajoling and encouraging her in equal measure. They provided one-on-one services, and individual guidance and support. With their enormous help and generous giving of time, our daughter put together a wonderful and varied portfolio of work, which was beautifully presented and achieved our principal aim - our daughter has been offered places at every single institution she chose to apply to, including the likes of Central St. Martin’s at UAL in London. As a result, she will take up one of those options and attend Art School in the UK this Autumn (COVID-19 permitting!)

Konrede’s service were invaluable for this alone, and well worth the cost. After all, this is why we signed our daughter up originally. But actually Konrede provided so much more. With their help, our daughter has become much more confident in her own work, more sure of her choices and more willing to challenge herself and experiment. She has become a more mature person, able to discuss and present her work using the language of the artist. This has had spin-off benefits in terms of her IB course - she obtained top marks for her comparative study, and curated an excellent exhibition, as well as learned how to put together and present her creative process through her process portfolio. Beyond this, our daughter has also started to develop and refine her own personal, individual style, and has begun to find her “voice” as an artist. As a consequence, she gets far greater enjoyment out of the creative process, now she understands herself, and the art world, so much more than was the case just a mere 6 months ago. This is all thanks to Konrede’s guidance, as well as their pushing and prompting (something very much needed at times with a young teenager)!

Overall, we simply cannot recommend Konrede more. They provided far more in terms of services than we bargained for; in addition to the work Steph, Romeo and Cat did with our daughter on the artistic side, Ian has helped with the applications to art school and as a guide and consultant to us on the application process. The team at Konrede have taught our daughter how to interview and how to present her works to a group; they will also provide her with a guide in 3 upcoming sessions on what to expect at art school when she gets there, as well as practical guidance on attending college. Each of the Konrede team has joined our daughter on her journey, as she has transitioned from teenager to adult, from high school pupil to budding artist and future art school student. We will be forever thankful, and wish Stephanie, Cat, Romeo and Ian all the very best for the future. They are supremely professional - yet friendly - in their approach (it feels extremely collaborative and they have mentored our daughter carefully and thoughtfully), and they also have a wonderful art studio facility conveniently located in Sheung Wan.

Thank you!

Mr. and Mrs. P (Parents to a Final Year IB Student at an International School, who will now be continuing her artistic journey at Art School in the UK)

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