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Art & Design vs Academic Subjects

Art & Design vs Academic Subjects

Article : Ian Tsang          Edited : Konrede Limited           Date : July 2019

As discussed in a previous article, that Art needs more support from Hong Kong’s education system and society. Many parents underrate the career prospects of Art & Design and some may think artists enter this industry because they do not excel academically. As a matter of fact, every Art & Design subject is specialised and professional. People might not realise what does it take to study or work in this field, so they think it is quite easy.

Art records our history and cultural changes. It would be extremely difficult to pass knowledge onto the next generations without texts or drawings. An example is hieroglyph, the origin of the written Chinese language. It is evident that Art & Design is the root of communication.

Art & Design is very different with other academic subjects when it comes to course structure and contents. One major difference is there is no absolute right or wrong answer and a project may take months to complete. Students are judged base on their creativity, thinking process and the outcome. Therefore, Art & Design students need to spend extensive amount of time on their researches and experiments. Students who wish to apply top Art & Design institutes will need a good portfolio besides meeting the academic entry requirements. It is worthy to point out that many of these applicants also excel academically but choose to pursue their careers in Art & Design because they are passionate about it. Top Art & Design institutes value high quality portfolios a lot when it comes to application. Also, it takes a lot more than just technical skills to produce a good portfolio.

Architecture and Interior Design are the most popular subjects among the local parents, because they think these two subjects offer more stable career paths. It is understood that the typical parents would think this way because of Hong Kong’s culture. However, Art & Design is everywhere when you think more carefully. All items you encounter and you use are all related to it, including commercial products, advertisements, films, music and more. They all have specific functions and fulfil certain needs; therefore investors are willing to materialise these concepts. It is evident that Art & Design is the origin of these creations and all subjects should gain more attention from the public.

The skills acquired and connections built will benefit Art & Design students greatly in the future. With financial services industry being one of the four pillars in Hong Kong, there are six main industries as well. These industries include cultural and creative industries, education services, medical services and more; while cultural and creative industries are experiencing significant growth in the recent years and employed the most people within these six industries. We have clients only realised a portfolio requires a lot of time and effort to prepare after meeting us, wishing they could have met us earlier, listened to our professional advices and accepted our help.

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