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University - Online and Offline

University - Online and Offline

Article : Ian Tsang          Edited : Konrede Limited           Date : June 2020

Thanks to technology and the internet, a lot of us can study from home now. The global medical situation speeds up the development of video conferencing, so we don’t have to travel to school daily, helping us to reduce health risks. Some universities have been teaching online courses for years, but the connection quality can depend on where you are.

University applications are delayed. For the ones who have received offers and will start your course in a few months, you might face a dilemma. You and your parents might think that you should experience the course in person since you are paying for it. This is especially true if you are an international student. Since online courses can lack interactions and they might not offer your favourite subject, a lot of us may think actual lessons are better. Also, university is a life- changing experience that can be special to you. Besides getting a degree, meeting new people is a major part of it, where your input and communicating with others are important. In an actual class, you can receive real-time and one-on-one feedback from the lecturers, which is very helpful to you while learning practical skills.

If you are going to start your degree course this September or October, you should check how your university is going run it. There might be changes made to the course contents and starting date. Since a lot of the classes will be online, it is quite likely that you will have extra spare time. This is a perfect moment to improve yourself, for example, to train your artistic skills. There is no need to feel helpless because this is a good chance to get yourself well-prepared before
returning to the campus. The experience and knowledge you gain are never wasted.

Online lessons certainly have their merits and values, changing how we learn and interact with each other. These lessons are unlikely to be permanent, but they probably last for a semester or more. When you can attend lectures in the campus after the pandemic, you should still be alerted to the global health situation. All in all, you should be well-informed before making decisions. Learning should not stop and you should use the time wisely.

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