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Working Overtime

Working Overtime

Article : Ian Tsang          Edited : Konrede Limited           Date : April 2020

As experienced professionals in the creative industry, we are aware of the demand increases as the society progresses. Fierce competition stresses us out. Whether you are a student or a working professional, it is very easy to feel the pressure from your surroundings.

In order to achieve our goals, we understand that there are moments where we need to spend extra time on school assignments or tasks at work, however, this becomes a global social norm. This is not a sustainable way to work productively. It is a known fact that we need about eight hours of sleep per day. We can imagine how insufficient sleep will affect your work efficiency in the long run. In addition, there are a number of known health issues which are associated to sleep deprivation such as heart disease, obesity and depression.

It is very common to stay up late to finish work in the creatively industry because we often do not have enough time as required due to client’s demand.  However, it is essential for you to rest. You may not feel it when you are young, but your ability to cope will decrease as you age. Other than these occasions, it is for your benefit to plan your schedule and spread your workload evenly. Quality work requires time to refine and rushing may undermine the outcome.

The key is to work smart and to control with proper time management. The first step is to know your capability and to manage your expectations. There is no point to set a target which is difficult accomplish in a certain span of time. This will only cause dissatisfaction and depression from being overworked. Nowadays, we are often working in a team and communication is vital because you would never want to waste your time on the wrong tasks. In a team, one’s work is likely to affect each other. When you have set a plan, try your best to stick to it. Procrastination should be avoided since it will affect the quality of work too. Some people may prefer to work last minute but the quality of work is often affected. Also, try not to multitask too much, as our brain can be exhausted if you are constantly doing multiple things at once. Lastly, try to relieve your stress whenever you can. For example, watch your favourite movie or go for a walk.


Working overtime can be necessary at certain occasions, but health should be your top priority. After all, a healthy body is your most important asset and you need it to excel in any activity you do. “There is virtue in work and there is virtue in rest. Use both and overlook neither.” – Alan Cohen. Try to strive for a balance between work or study and rest!

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