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Is Photography an Art?

Is Photography an Art?

Article : Ian Tsang          Edited : Konrede Limited           Date : Dec 2019

Nowadays we can use our smartphones to take photos and selfies daily. Technology offers us a lot of benefits and conveniences, however, have you ever thought about how it began? Ever since the first photograph was taken in 1826, our camera evolved from a bulky box to a portable digital device. We have made a lot of progress in less than 200 years.

Since it is so easy to take photos now, an argument arises: is Photography a form of Art? As we know Art exists in many different forms. It sounds cliché but Art is always subjective. We see the world through our eyes, no matter when and where we are. Photography captures the moment of beauty which may last only for a fraction of a second. A photo can present its message clearly and resonates within us. For example, we might feel a range of emotions when we look at different photos, which would depend on our past experiences and backgrounds.

Compared to traditional Art (or Fine Art), skills required in Photography are quite different. Some may think taking a photo is merely pressing a button, but both Fine Art and Photography take time to plan and execute. For Photography, you need to consider the settings, angles and lighting. You might like a photo because of its aesthetic, but a photo stands out because of its details and composition. For example, it can present optical illusions or some carefully placed items. If you want to, you can improve the outcomes using digital softwares. Digital photos also produce less waste, because you get to choose to print the works that you are happy with. That being said, Photography using film produces a unique tone and visual effects. Sometimes using films can give you nice surprises. Film is technically more difficult to use because you need experience and skills to control it, while a digital camera allows you to do the adjustments on the spot.

Whether you are an artist or not, Photography is a practical skill to have and it helps you to record your precious moments. It is a great leisure activity, giving you a chance to explore your surroundings. As an artist, high quality photos are important to their works and to any Art & Design portfolio. You want to present your works at their best conditions, where your viewers can understand your message easily.

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