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Exhibition at Home

Exhibition at Home

Article : Ian Tsang          Edited : Konrede Limited           Date : Oct 2020

We have to stay at home more than ever. We have to work from home and many of our activities are going online as well such as clothes and groceries shopping, watching your favourite movies and more. Since we can’t go out, Art galleries, exhibitions and museums have changed their form to share cultures and to inspire us. While we continue to do our research and keep ourselves updated with the Art & Design industry, have you ever thought of visiting these places in a few clicks or swipes, or interact with the piece itself?

In recent years virtual tours, virtual reality (VR) and related technologies have become more popular. You can “visit” famous places like The Louvre, The British Museum and Vatican Museums in mere seconds. Galleries like Art Basel are now available online too, all you need is an account to login. You no longer need to spend the time to pack and travel or to appreciate those masterpieces without standing in the crowd. 

VR provides an immersive experience. When artists use it for their creations, we can view them anywhere and anytime in the world. Three worked with London Fashion week earlier in February where Central Saint Martins’ MA students also participated in this show. It is one of the many examples out there, showing that technology is offering unique viewing experiences to the audience. On the other hand, there are people who disagree. For some pieces, the physical experience is essential to the viewers and digital platforms can’t simulate this accurately. Imagine you are putting months into your work and the viewers can’t understand your message or intention properly. This can be very disappointing and frustrating.

Art exists in various forms. As artists, technology offers us powerful tools and inspirations to create. As an audience, it changes how we appreciate these pieces but the viewing experience is always personal and subjective. It is true that a lot of people want to visit galleries or museums in person to experience the vibe, but there are other ways to appreciate an artwork. For example, you can still appreciate Mona Lisa in the meantime without being able to view the actual piece.

It is amazing how technology changes Art and our lives. Our world is undergoing a series of rapid changes, let’s see how Art continues to develop in these difficult times!

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