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Work or Study?

Work or Study?

Article : Ian Tsang          Edited : Konrede Limited           Date : June 2019

A tertiary qualification is very common nowadays and it almost becomes a necessity for job seeking purposes. People will face a dilemma when they obtain their bachelor’s degrees: should I start my career now or pursue further education? For ones who have been working in the industry for a while, they might need a higher qualification for career promotions.

Being a portfolio specialist in Hong Kong, Konrede has met numerous people who encountered all sorts of difficulties when it comes to their own portfolio development. People might not realise what it takes to study or work in the art & design field so it is important to learn how to manage your expectations. In previous articles, we’ve mentioned that a good art & design portfolio plays a pivotal role in university application and job interview. In short, it is your visual resume.

When high school students apply to art & design degree courses, they may feel very confused after viewing the universities’ portfolio requirements. This can happen because universities’ descriptions can be very succinct and students may not understand or receive sufficient individual attention. Even university students may get vague answers from their professors. This is because university students need to discover the answers during their studies. Evidently, these students need more help regardless of their academic levels.

In general, when a student applies to a bachelor’s degree, the university will require the student to submit a number of artworks and the creation process needs to be shown as well in their portfolios. Since some of the requirements can be very specific, students will need to adjust the contents to meet these criteria accordingly. Most of the time, the requirements of master’s degrees are not as precise as bachelor’s, but the expectations are higher. This is because many master’s applicants have already worked in different industries. Universities would like to see the applicants’ professional works and their portfolios can vary to great extents because they have different backgrounds. Occasionally there are applicants with no artistic qualifications nor related working experiences, but they want to explore their potentials and are willing to change. Although uncommon, nothing is impossible and there are successful cases who go on to find fruitful careers in the art & design industry.

Konrede is here to guide you if you are seeking help with building your art & design portfolio. We are not a typical art studio and we offer professional services to help you achieve your art & design portfolio goals. If you already have a direction, we can help you more effectively. We are glad that we have received positive feedbacks from our clients. Some of them had a few pieces of artworks to start with and achieved major improvements after attending our courses. Our instructors are willing to share their experiences and industrial insights. You can work in a spacious, safe and friendly environment, which helps letting your thoughts flow and create your next masterpiece.


Don’t be afraid to take the initiative. Let’s create your art & design future together.

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