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Sing Tao Daily Interview

The First Professional Art & Design Portfolio Development Studio in Hong Kong – Nurture Artistic Talents to Reach Their Goals

* The full article is only available in Chinese.


Thank you for Singtao Daily, a well-established local newspaper for arranging the interview!  Konrede is proud to be recognised by its achievements. During the interview, our Founder &  Director, Ms. Stephanie Ng shared some insightful information about Hong Kong’s creative  scene. Here is a summary of the interview article, please refer to complete write-up for full details. 

Many students in Hong Kong worked hard to secure offers from their top university choices.  However, sometimes they are lost because of the fierce competition or simply, they aren’t sure  about their directions. At the moment, the majority of Hong Kong’s occupations are related to the 4 traditional  industrial pillars. Konrede’s Founder & Director, Ms. Stephanie Ng believes Hong Kong needs  more artistic talents. However, the creative industry doesn’t have enough resources to train  them. She wants to support individuals who want to devote themselves in this field by guiding  their portfolio building. They successfully secure university offers or develop their career  pathways. 

Portfolio is a compilation of artworks. The quality is proportional to the time spent on it. A  common misconception is that people think portfolio is optional for Art & Design university  application. In reality, it is the exact opposite. Most parents in Hong Kong would prefer their children to pursue Architecture because of its relatively stable career pathway. As a matter of  fact, every industry needs Art & Design; and every subject is specialised and unique in its own  way. 

Up to this point, Konrede retains a 100% progression rate by helping individuals to get into  their top course or school choices. Many of them are accepted by world renowned institutes and  Konrede’s team is proud of their achievements and improvements. Looking forward, Stephanie  wants to make continuous contribution in Art & Design education. While letting more people to  understand portfolio’s significance, she aims to help artistic talents on a global level.

Once again, Konrede owes a huge thank you to all supporters. We will continue to dedicate ourselves to nurture artistic talents across different fields!

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