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Social Enterprise Research Academy

2022/23 Fellowship & Honorary Award Presentation Ceremony

Date: 19th January 2023
Location: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Konrede’s Founder & Director, Ms. Stephanie Ng is honoured to be awarded as “Fellow” by Social Enterprise Research Academy (SERA) of the year 2022/23. This is a life-time title and we thank SERA for hosting such a grand awarding ceremony.

SERA is dedicated to create an international platform to foster social responsibility and to facilitate sustainable development. It has brought over 10,000 leaders and organisations together and hosted international events. Through a panel of judges, the SERA Fellowship acknowledges accomplished individuals who have significant contributions towards society. It also encourages corporates to promote social responsibility, enhancing social awareness and competitiveness.


The award serves as a great recognition of Konrede's outstanding achievements as an Art & Design studio in Hong Kong. It is a pleasure to attend this event with notable names like Mr. Lam Sai-hung and Mr. Eddie Ng Hak-kim and many more. Moreover, it is an honour to be awarded with notable names like Prof. Kurt Wüthrich and Mr. Allan Zeman. All fellowship members excel in their fields and we are proud to be part of this event.

Thank you for supporting Konrede all along because we wouldn’t have made it this far without you!

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