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Origin Fashion Show 2019

Origin Fashion Show 2019

The Hive Spring, Remex Centre, 27th April 2019

Origin the fashion show was an independent student production featuring 9 student designers from CDNIS. The event’s goal was to bring awareness to the plight of refugees and to support asylum seekers in Hong Kong. The entire set-up, from the front of house, to the models, hair and make-up team and the entire backstage crew, consisted of only senior school students.


As the students took it upon themselves to produce this event, Konrede wanted to champion their initiative and support the cause. Konrede sponsored the event by providing all graphic design work for the event’s marketing and printed materials which consisted of the show pamphlets, invitation cards, tickets and posters. Konrede also provided the design for the event’s logo and promotional social media posts. 

originallinone_工作區域 1 複本.jpg

Over 30 original designs were showcased on the runway in 3 set intervals. The designs focused on garments created with elements of recycled clothing, unconventional materials and original prints. The designs all centered around the common theme of the refugees’ emotions. Each piece strived to convey the struggle and difficulties the refugees face when they adapt to new environments in a foreign land.


*This set of Images are provided by student's parent.

It was in full attendance of an audience of all-ages who had gathered to show support for the cause. Although the students did not have any prior experience organising fashion events, the show was successfully executed. It was the passion and altruism of the students themselves that made the event so much more significant. All proceedings were donated to Refugee Union Hong Kong.

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