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Famous Brands Hong Kong 2021

Famous Brands Hong Kong Award Ceremony

Date: 2nd June, 2022
Location: Kowloon Bay International Trade & Exhibition Centre

Konrede is honoured to be awarded as “Famous Brands Hong Kong (FBHK) 2021”! We thank FBHK for arranging and inviting us to participate this wonderful event. We are proud to be recognised along with many reputable brands including Aeon Stores, ESET, Octopus, Mobil 1 and more. We also have the opportunity to witness how brands from various fields thrive under challenging circumstances.

IMG_5019 square.jpg

The importance of a brand is evident. It is an intangible asset of a company or organisation. Other than representing the entrepreneurship and image, it reflects its social responsibility. It takes brands years to build positive images, to gain people’s trust and to gradually become more influential to the society.

Since the FBHK’s establishment, it has awarded enterprises who excel in their fields annually, praising their outstanding achievements. The selection committee is comprised of professionals across different industries, ensuring the election process is credible. Other than the panel’s evaluation, companies need to reach a high standard of brand image and promote themselves effectively. In addition, they need to gain public’s recognition and to participate public events in order to be nominated and awarded.

We have to thank everyone who supported and trusted us along these years, so we can grow under this challenging environment. We will continue devote ourselves to nurture Art & Design talents and guide them to produce top quality portfolios!

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