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School Lecture

Konrede gave a lecture with a Q&A session with art students DSC International School Hong Kong on art & design portfolio development. In the lecture, Konrede explained the importance of a portfolio, what it should include, the preparation required for university application, potential career pathways and more. Advice was given to help students to organise their working schedules in the summer. A portfolio review was given to the students on a 1-on-1 basis afterwards.

All attendants found this event very helpful. “Stephanie and Ian from Konrede joined my classroom after school recently to present a short seminar on portfolio development and afterwards offered one-on-one feedback sessions to my interested students. They did not disappoint! Each of my students walked away with excellent advice and suggestions to improve their own visual arts practices. As a teacher, I was also reminded of helpful tips and tricks to guide students towards success. Stephanie and Ian were friendly, approachable, organized, and overall great at timely communication and planning. I am already looking forward to working with them again!” - Head of the Arts, Mrs. L. Hendrickse.

Thank you to the Art Department for the opportunity and for welcoming us to speak to the students.

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