Why Us?

1. Portfolio Specialist

Our instructors are experts in their chosen art & design field and are graduates of world’s top-ranking institutions.

2. A Step Ahead

You’ll have the advantage of gaining invaluable industry insights from our diverse team who have years of industry experience and knowledge to share.

3. Boost Academic & Career Opportunities

Increase your opportunities for top choice University and Job application so you can be closer to your dream Art & Design career.

4. Nurturing Individuality

Our one-on-one course is personalised and tailored to suit every individual’s needs. Every course is unique as we meet you at your level and your requirements. 

5. Spacious Art Studio

Our studio is fully equipped with art supplies, painting easels, industrial sewing machines and materials so you can create your work at ease.  

6. Dedication and Attention

Konrede is dedicated to help you reach your desired art & design destination.