Clients' & Parents' Testimonials

All recommendations are real life testimonials given by our clients and their parents.

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S. Chau | IBDP Student

3 conditional university offers

(+2 scholarships)

"Konrede is like a second family to me, I have always wanted to think more creatively when making new art, and they have gifted me an irreplaceable experience and taught me so much about art, from different techniques to mediums, I have been greatly inspired to create more and more art to express my own story. Being a high school student in my last year, I was very nervous to graduate and go to design school and didn’t feel as confident with my creations. Konrede has helped build up my art making skills and helped me think from a deeper perspective, now I feel more ready than ever. Learning beside other students in Konrede, I can see that each student has their own tailored course and this to me is why Konrede is so special! I can see how I develop my ideas for artworks more confidently and clearly and I have to thank Steph, Romeo, Cat, and Ian for that because without them guiding me I wouldn’t be confident in starting my new chapter in life - university!"

Mr. & Mrs. P.


"Our story (short version, for those in a hurry): Konrede have been simply absolutely brilliant. In her 6 short months with them, our daughter has learned so much about herself and has not only created a wonderful portfolio of her work, but - as a result - has been offered places at all the art schools to which she applied. She has also performed wonderfully well in her Visual Arts IB program. A huge thank you to the whole team - Steph, Cat, Romeo and Ian - from two very grateful parents who feel very lucky to have found Konrede (just) in time."

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E. Hui | HKDSE Student

3 conditional university offers

(+1 scholarship)

"Not being an art student, creating artworks surely isn’t that easy for me but thanks to the instructors from Konrede who have guided me in the past few months. They do not only provide me with knowledge about art & design, but as well as inspirations and new perceptions of life. I learnt to boost my creativity and to be more open-minded. Looking back at what I’ve created, I do feel really glad about them. I am grateful for the patience and time the instructors had on me. I do recommend Konrede to you!."

Mrs. Cheung

parent of gap year student

"When I first met Konrede, I could feel the team’s passion and sincerity in teaching their students.

Thank you for being diligent while enlightening my daughter, for nurturing her artistic abilities, and improving her attitude towards her work. The Konrede team patiently guided her to explore and to learn new things with a positive mindset.

Just like other parents, I’m delighted whenever I see my children devote themselves to learn and to push themselves more than ever before in pursuing their subject and goals. I am truly grateful to Konrede for making such a positive impact on my daughter.

As children grow up they have to overcome a lot of hurdles, if there are great teachers by their side they will make better decisions and will be able to survive these difficult times. Even one piece of advice may benefit them in their lives.

I thank Konrede for helping my daughter become more mature as she grows up."

D. Ma | B.A. Graduate

1 unconditional + 2 conditional

university offers

"Hi, I am Dennis! During the one-year course, Konrede inspired me to explore a lot of new aesthetics and ideas in the art and design field. They provide a nice environment and excellent platform to explore something that was unexpected in my previous study in fashion design. I also became an open-minded and mature fashion designer, able to deal with new ways of exploring ideas through concept research and experimentation. They are passionate about art and design and to help their clients. Through the entire process, I’ve learnt a lot from their professional perspective and was truly able to expand my creativity. I feel honoured to be one of their students during this year."

T. Evans | Btec Student

3 unconditional + 2 conditional

university offers

"I have had almost 2 months at Konrede, I've definitely found it tough but they have helped and pushed beyond what I could ask for! All of the instructors at Konrede have helped me to be more free with my artwork, giving me one on one time experimenting. Coming to the end of my time at Konrede, I can now look back on my past works and see a big difference in not only the quality of my work but I can see more of my personality coming through. I now have a professional looking portfolio that I wouldn't have achieved without Konrede’s help! I am hugely grateful for them not giving up on me and pushing me to not say “I don’t know”. I highly recommend Konrede to anyone looking for portfolio and overall skill help."

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